TDM Planning

What We offer

ALTRANS is your reliable partner for transportation demand management (TDM) planning, bringing more than a decade of experience.

In crafting winning TDM plans, we perform a thorough process to ensure the prescribed actions will lead to success at your site. We perform analysis and interviews to understand your site’s goals, perspectives, site makeup and history, surrounding stakeholders and services, legal background, and jurisdiction requirements.

If you want additional support putting your TDM plan into action, we’re here to help you throughout the process with ongoing support staff and management services.

Our TDM Planning services include:

TDM Planning for Office and Residential Sites

ALTRANS designs and implements residential TDM programs to meet the needs of single and multifamily housing and multi-use developments. We focus on reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT), improving sustainability, and enhancing quality of life for all commuters. We use highly effective VMT reduction strategies to deliver success for office and residential sites.

Funding Strategies

ALTRANS is experienced in securing local, state and federal funding for a wide variety of TDM programs including TMAs and Special Improvement Districts. We work with you to identify and secure funding from a combination of relevant sources, to ensure your program has the support it needs to thrive. We are seasoned in working with conventional grant sources, as well as bringing together individual clients for in-kind and financial resources allocated as mutual investments for relevant programs.

CEQA and Conditions of Approval Compliance

At ALTRANS, we are committed to compliance at all stages of your TDM project. We work with you to negotiate and implement CEQA transportation mitigation and vehicle trip reduction, across phases of your project development and entitlement process.

Commute Surveys

We help you design, administer, and analyze commute surveys to capture essential insights about your employees’ commute patterns and habits. With detailed analysis, we leverage the data from your commute surveys to measure program success against your KPIs and find areas for improvement to meet your employees’ needs.

Reach out to discuss how we can help you plan your next TDM project to maximize its positive impact on your goals and your community.