Ridematch Programs (Carpool)

What We offer

Need support coordinating a ridematch program, or promoting participation in your existing program? ALTRANS can help.

At ALTRANS, we combine our expertise in TDM strategy with our network of technology partners to help you create and maintain a rideshare program that benefits employees and meets your organization’s goals.

Through GIS technology and ridematch databases, we connect individuals who are looking for carpool or vanpool partners, and proactively provide options to those who haven’t yet considered that carpooling is an option for them.

We also leverage marketing and outreach strategies across your organization’s sites to ensure your employees tap into all available regional and local ridematching opportunities.

If you prefer an in-house program, we can help implement a commute management solution and guide the development of a ridematch program that works best for your needs.

Our ridematch program offerings are also included when you work with us for broader TDM Planning services.

Benefits of Ridematch Programs

When executed well, a ridematch program can be a valuable piece of a strong commuter benefits program.

Ridesharing and carpooling help to reduce the number of vehicles on the road each day, easing traffic congestion during key commute periods and lowering overall emissions for a region. Not to mention that ridesharing can help commuters travel faster by taking advantage of high-occupancy vehicle lanes, and alleviate the daily wear and tear on their own vehicles by spreading out individual vehicle use.

Setting up a ridematch program for your employees can help encourage them to engage in ridesharing and carpooling more regularly, by matching employees with colleagues who have similar commute patterns and routes. Ridematch software can suggest connections to commuters, encouraging them to take advantage of mutually beneficial carpool opportunities.

With the right software and a good marketing strategy for promoting participation, your ridematch program can improve your employees’ daily commutes while helping to achieve sustainability goals for your company and your region.

Reach out to discuss how we can help you implement a ridematch program that creates a win-win for your employees and your organization.