Shuttle Program Development and Management

What We Offer

ALTRANS is your dedicated partner for shuttle program management, bringing more than a decade of experience in planning, operating, and overseeing shuttle services.

It can be time-consuming to determine how to develop, optimize, and manage the success of your shuttle program. We recognize that amid all of your other responsibilities, you may not have time to address shuttle management issues or strategy in the way that a dedicated manager can.

Whether you need ongoing shuttle management, or want a one-time partner to help you get your shuttle program off the ground, we can help.

When you partner with us, you get an experienced ALTRANs team member as your committed shuttle program manager, plus access to our preferred shuttle vendor partners for quality shuttle buses and drivers.

You shouldn’t have to just settle for a shuttle program that’s up and running — you deserve to trust that it’s running well. We’re here to ensure that.

How We Set Your Shuttle Program Up for Success

If you are looking to develop a new shuttle service or revamp your existing program, we can assist with planning, route development, and even the bidding process. Our goal is to get your program off the ground smoothly and give you the tools you need to make it successful moving forward.

When developing shuttle routes, we gather insights into the needs of your passengers through tools like surveys, GIS mapping, and schedule assessment. We analyze current travel times, trends between desired stops, and existing transit schedules to provide you with a data-driven strategy to optimize your routes.

How We Manage Your Shuttle Program

We enable shuttle operators to focus on the day-to-day responsibilities of running a shuttle service, while our team at ALTRANS focuses on making the program as successful as possible.

This split in functions allows each side of the team to do their best work, making your shuttle program run smoothly both in the day-to-day and at the high level.

Your dedicated ALTRANS shuttle program manager provides services such as:

  • Route development and optimization
  • Ridership and operations data tracking and analysis]
  • Route marketing
  • Customer service
  • On-board customer satisfaction surveys
  • Regular shuttle “watchdog” evaluations

When we’re assessing a shuttle program, we combine quantitative ridership and operations data — which provide insight on the health of the program — with qualitative data from our watchdog evaluations. This allows us to identify any service issues that may impact the long-term success or safety of your program.

As part of our Shuttle Program Management offerings, we also provide Shuttle Program Monitoring and Analysis as well as Fixed-Route Shuttle Services.

Reach out to discuss how we can help you manage your shuttle program.