TMA Development

What We Offer

Have you identified a need for a Transportation Management Association (TMA) in your community?

Are you ready to take the next step in forming a TMA, but unsure where to start?

The team at ALTRANS is here to help you develop your new TMA from the ground up. We bring expertise in every aspect of TMA formation, from expanding support and planning services to building the organizational structure and documenting your TMA procedures.

We know that a well-built and efficiently-managed TMA can have a lasting positive influence on your region’s efforts in sustainability and transportation management goals. When you partner with ALTRANS, you benefit from our dedicated TMA experts who are as invested in your community’s success as you are.

We work with you to get your TMA off the ground and running smoothly, and set you up for continued success. We ensure you’re adequately prepared to manage your TMA moving forward. If you want additional support operating your TMA, we can also act as your ongoing TMA management team.

TMA Planning and Development

Once the need for a TMA has been identified, we help you move from the exploration phase into the formation phase of TMA development. We focus on strategic, rapid growth over the course of a 12 month period.

ALTRANS works with you to forecast revenue and expenses, and to start recruiting and training tech-savvy and knowledgeable staff. We help you identify the TMA roles that are most needed in your region and build a strategy for short-term and long-term program growth.

To help increase program adoption, we implement tailored communications planning, commute mode surveys, and innovative pilot programs. We help you define Advanced Qualified Metrics and ROI, and develop methods for tracking and measuring your program’s success to improve over time.

When you work with ALTRANS, you also benefit from our network of high-quality, trusted partners and contacts in the realm of Transportation Demand Management (TDM). We help your TMA establish and maintain external relationships with transit agencies, app vendors, academia, cities, employers, developers, and other valuable TDM resources.

TMA Funding Strategies

ALTRANS will help you review and configure foundational funding sources for your TMA, including:

  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Property Based Improvement Districts
  • Dedicated Parking Revenue
  • TDM Compliance Review Fees
  • Employer/Parcel Assessments
  • Member Dues

We focus on helping TMAs generate additional revenue through TDM fee-for-service programs, pursuing competitive grants, and operating transit services.

Reach out to discuss how we can help you form a strong TMA to elevate your region in sustainability and quality of life.