Who We Are


ALTRANS Transportation Management Association, Inc. has provided award-winning Transportation Demand Management (TDM) services to the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1991.

ALTRANS’ skilled team of professionals identify clients’ specific needs and implement sustainable, cost-effective transportation solutions. From the site development process to commuter benefits programs, ALTRANS services reduce single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips and encourage alternative transportation modes.

Each year, ALTRANS reduces thousands of commuter vehicle-miles-traveled in the region, directly reducing traffic congestion, increasing road safety, reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality all while enhancing quality of life in the Bay Area.

ALTRANS has received TDM and trip reduction awards from regional and nationally recognized organizations such as the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What Sets Us Apart

Very few Transportation Demand Management (TDM) companies develop/write/seek approval of TDM Plans and then implement, manage and monitor the progress of the resulting TDM Program. As hands-on practitioners of TDM services, ALTRANS writes TDM Plans, and then turns them into successful TDM Programs. We craft plans to be contextually relevant to our clients’ unique situations. Additionally, we assume we will be the ones to implement those plans, so we make sure they are feasible and sustainable.

At the core: Our work, methods, and outcomes are always win/win, equitable and cost-effective for all stakeholders. We advocate and seek success for our clients, always keeping relevant external factors and entities in mind. This win-win, synergistic approach has provided a stellar reputation for ALTRANS among our clients and peers.

OUR Team

Stephen Blaylock

Position: President

Stephen serves all staff as they in-turn serve their exceptional colleagues, peers and clients.

Stephen Blaylock


Andrew Ridley

Position: Chief Operating Officer

Andrew collaboratively leads and builds our organization on a win/win foundation. He sets and drives ALTRANS’ organizational vision and operational strategy and helps our team exceed client expectations.

Andrew Ridley

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Oliver

Position: Shuttle Account Manager
Additional Roles: Safety Administrator, IT Team Member

Daniel is the Shuttle Manager at ALTRANS and has over 5 years of experience managing ALTRANS’ shuttle operations. He has successfully transitioned ALTRANS from an owner/operator of a small fleet of shuttle buses and
drivers to an operational system of shuttle management. Daniel manages the day-to-day shuttle operations for the Mountain View Community Shuttle Program (Mountain View), Harbor Bay Business
Park (Alameda), Marina Village Business Park (Alameda) and the Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Shuttle Program. He also supports ALTRANS’ TDM Manager’s by providing shuttle analysis and improvement
studies for multiple locations.

He is also the company’s Safety Administrator and serves on the IT team.

Daniel Oliver

Shuttle Account Manager

Leona Gee

Position: TDM Manager I

Leona implements large-scale employee commute programs to multiple clients. She specializes in developing TDM Plans with effective vehicle trip reduction strategies.

Leona Gee

TDM Manager I

Mari Pearman

Position: TDM Manager
Additional Role: Organizational Development Manager

Mari is the TDM and Organizational Development Manager at ALTRANS. She manages TDM programs at ALTRANS and is the internal organizational development staff member to ALTRANS leadership and employees. Mari serves on the nationally recognized Association for Commuter Transportation Northern California Chapter Board of Directors.

Mari has more than 15 years’ experience in community and employee engagement, facilitation, collaborative planning, program promotion, training, and outreach. Prior to joining ALTRANS in 2018 she worked in a consulting firm as the lead facilitator for four of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s cross- sector teams. In this role she fostered collaboration among stakeholders enabling the teams to design and implement projects together that focused on alternative commuting.

Mari is a trained facilitator in a variety of collaborative planning methods. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley and certificates in Training and Human Resources Development and Marketing Management from University of California at Santa Cruz Extension. She is a certified Change Management Practitioner.

Mari Pearman

TDM Manager

Steve Raney

Position: Regional TDM Manager

Steve is a Regional TDM Manager for ALTRANS.

He  works on TDM Programs with ALTRANS’ current and future client base and he engages in business development and the fiscal and personnel management of effective trip reduction programs.

Steve provides transportation planning, GIS analysis and cost-efficacy analysis; organizes and manages outreach programs; designs and leads innovative alternative transportation projects; and is responsible for process evaluation reporting on all activities specific to reducing SOV trips.

Steve has business, software, and transportation planning master’s degrees from Columbia, RPI, and Berkeley. He won Fast Company’s World Changing Transportation Idea award and created Waymo’s robotaxi commercialization model.

Steve Raney

Regional TDM Manager

Kruti Ladani

Position: TDM Site and Area Coordinator

Kruti coordinates and implements the Palo Alto TMA employee programs.

Kruti Ladani

TDM Site and Area Coordinator

Lucy Gigli

Position: TDM and Bicycle Coordinator

Lucy Gigli is a TDM and Bicycle Coordinator at ALTRANS. She manages the TDM program for the SoHay multi-use project in Hayward.

Lucy founded Bike Walk Alameda in 1999, after years of biking to work in San Francisco from various bay area cities. She founded the non profit to promote biking as a form of transportation and to transform the streets of Alameda into a more biking and walking-friendly community. As a result, Alameda was the first city in the East Bay to create protected bike lanes and offer valet bike parking.

Lucy has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from UC Berkeley. She spent 13 years in the software industry as a software engineer and a project manager. She managed multi-million dollar projects of computer aided dispatching systems for police and fire departments throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Lucy Gigli

TDM and Bicycle Coordinator

Sana Ahmed

Position: TDM and Bicycle Coordinator II

Sana helps oversee the TDM programs at KP East Bay and San Leandro. As a Bicycle Coordinator and fellow cyclists herself, Sana is responsible for creating new and innovative bike programs at our client sites.

Sana Ahmed

TDM and Bicycle Coordinator II

Susie Lonero

Position: Bookkeeper

Susie processes and overlooks all accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions, along with consistently monitoring the financial health of the company.

Susie Lonero


Janet Shipp

Position: Administrative Assistant and CSR

Janet assists in many areas of the company, including accounting, customer service, data entry, and Payroll. She is currently pursuing certification as an Associate Professional in Human Resources to take over more HR responsibilities.

Janet Shipp

Administrative Assistant and CSR


Transparency: Acknowledging the risk, we share openly and honestly with our clients, establishing long- term relationships of mutual trust.

Win/Win: We live and work in “both/and” terms, knowing the success of our company is based on the success of our coworkers and clients.

Integrity: Our work and how we do it is whole and complete. No shortcuts, nothing swept under the rug.

Interdependence: 1 + 1 = 3. We combine our talents and abilities to create something greater.

Going Beyond: We see problems as opportunities, and creatively apply ourselves to find solutions and identify opportunities.