Proactive Trip Plans (GIS)

What We Offer

ALTRANS provides proactive trip planning services to help employers identify commuter options that are optimal for individual employees.

Our team generalizes and anonymizes your employee commute data to protect their privacy and personally identifying information (PII). Then, we generate an optimal alternative commute option for each employee. These plans are distributed to your employees, to encourage use of that alternative commute.

Proactive trip plans are also included when you partner with us for broader TDM Planning services.

Benefits of Proactive Trip Plans

Proactive trip planning helps to identify transportation methods that can benefit your employees and the environment.

Access to the right information can be the biggest obstacle to changing transportation habits. Often, employees are interested and willing to adjust their commute habits to be more sustainable — they just don’t know what to change or how to improve their individual footprint.

Our team of experts can create individualized transit, rideshare, bicycle or pedestrian plans for your employees, empowering commuters to make sustainable transportation choices.

Reach out to discuss how we can help you create impactful proactive trip plans, and equip your employees with the information to transform their own commute habits for the better.