Job Posting: TDM Site and Area Coordinator II

History & Background

ALTRANS is a Transportation Demand Management company skilled at identifying alternative transportation needs, developing shuttle and commute services, route optimization and management of turn-key Transportation Demand Management (TDM) operations. ALTRANS staff has been actively engaged in alternative transportation planning and trip reduction services for the last 25 years.

As a result of this work, we have been the recipient of various Transportation Demand Management and trip-reduction related awards from local and nationally recognized organizations such as Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Under the direction of ALTRANS’ management, the Site and Area Coordinator II position will be assigned to work on Transportation Demand Management Programs with ALTRANS’ current and future client base in the San Francisco Bay Area.


40 hours per week; full-time; overtime exempt. Schedule includes normal business hours and occasional odd hours for outreach

Work Location

Hybrid Telework/Onsite
Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward

Pay Range for TDM Coordinator II

$90,000/year base salary

Benefits Package

401(k) plan with 4% match; $860/month towards company health plan; all-industry leading PTO/leave benefits.

Role Description
Strengths Based Approach

At ALTRANS, we are constantly striving toward a strengths based deployment of our team. Simply, this means having people do what they are best at. This flows from our core value of “Interdependence: 1+1=3.” We can achieve so much more if, instead of being proficient at everything, we are excellent at a few things.

An example of this is an annual commute survey and the ensuing report that goes to the client. Instead of each staff person conducting the process from start to end for their respective site, we work as a team, lending each other skills where needed, such as survey development, quality assurance, analysis, and reporting.

The former discusses the client-side of our work. Likewise, we are committed to being a strengths based organization internally. In 2019, we discarded entirely the traditional performance review and developed a strengths based, goal focused annual review process. It’s led primarily by self-assessment, and encourages learning, professional development and aspirational thinking. We know building on strengths will yield far greater results than issuing demerits for weaknesses.

We hope this sounds like an organization and team that you’d like to join.

Education & Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university and/or transferrable experience.
  • Experience in program coordination, operations, marketing/outreach, and customer service.
  • Knowledge of San Francisco Bay Area transportation systems demand management concepts is desired.
  • Upholds the five core values of ALTRANS: Integrity, Transparency, Interdependence, Win/Win & Going Beyond.
  • Comfortable and successful in new environments; can work with all levels of management and staff.
  • Outgoing with ability to professionally market/promote multi-faceted program.
  • Time Management; uses resources and time well to solve problems and complete deliverables quickly and efficiently.
  • Level-headed; can clearly distinguish priority tasks over others; deals with unforeseen circumstances with calm and resolution.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; professional, courteous, friendly, mindful of others, empathetic, understanding, good listener, patient.
  • Detail-oriented regarding communication, document prep, etc.
  • Keeps assigned project file and management systems tidy and organized (Sharepoint, Asana).
  • Advocates for commute alternative programs. Believes in the intrinsic value of transit, bicycling, and other commute alternatives.
  • Contribute to the development and preparation of Transportation Demand Management plans and reports.
  • Experience in and understanding “behavioral change” concepts.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and experience developing and conducting surveys, documentation techniques and basic research methods. Analyze survey results and write survey reports.
Planning/TDM Program Management
  • Identify roadblocks and provide viable solutions to alternative transportation usage.
  • Comply with current federal, state, county and local requirements and clean air mandates.
  • Implement and coordinate TDM program requirements. Analyze data and provide recommendations to improve TDM programs elements to meet employee and client’s needs.
  • Work with public transit and private shuttle bus operators.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders regarding respective TDM services.
  • Savvy of city planning processes such as CEQA, entitlement, and conditions of approval, and their impact on TDM.
Administration & Monitoring
  • Organize program information, manage databases.
  • Conduct baseline and annual employee transportation surveying and other surveying as needed.
  • Maintain commuter website content, online carpool matching system, and other respective commute management systems in use.
  • Document, maintain and present program data, such as periodic reports of TDM operations and metrics, commute alternatives mode usage, and SOV rates.
Marketing & Customer Service
  • Provide personal trip planning assistance to commuters.
  • Set a schedule of (hybrid) open office hours for commuter assistance (Zoom, in-person, etc.).
  • Present commuter information at new employee orientations and other outreach events.
  • Coordinate transportation fairs as needed.
  • Develop marketing material.
  • Ability to travel locally via transit, car, etc., between client locations when needed.
  • Comfortable conducting tasks/meetings on location, in-person.
  • Identifying business development opportunities
  • Perform additional tasks as needed to support a strengths-based approach to completing and delivering on ALTRANS’ clients scopes of work.

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