April 2018
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ALTRANS Transportation Management Association, Inc. has provided award-winning Transportation Demand Management (TDM) services to the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1991.
ALTRANS' single occupancy vehicle reduction programs directly mitigate traffic, increase road safety, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, all while enhancing quality of life in the Bay Area.


News and Updates from ALTRANS

Greetings Transportation Peers, Clients, Friends, and Commuters,  

ALTRANS is pleased to present our semi-annual newsletter, which includes a mix of timely transportation articles and highlights of ongoing projects.  

Featured in this issue:
  • Year in Review showcases ALTRANS' vehicle trip-reduction achievements.
  • The Art of Collaboration underscores ALTRANS' long history of cooperative work in the Bay Area.
  • Undercover describes an ALTRANS service evaluating shuttle programs.
  • ALTRANS in the News, a recent Palo Alto Weekly article highlighting our work with the Palo Alto Transportation Management Association.
Finally, we close this volume with two recurring pieces:
  • Then and Now examines a moment in Bay Area transportation history and its role in shaping our region's modern transportation landscape.
  • Welcome New Staff introduces the newest members of the ALTRANS team, who in addition to our eleven other staff members, make our work possible.
As you browse these articles, we appreciate your feedback, including future ideas that can benefit our mutual goals of reducing vehicle-miles-traveled in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.   

Warm Regards,
Stephen Blaylock
President | ALTRANS TMA, Inc.


Environmental Benefits of ALTRANS Services

By Andrew Ridley, Assoc. Director, TDM & Administration
vmt reduction
As I'm sure you can agree, it is easy for your work to become your job, and just as easy in the day-to-day to forget what we are working towards.  The never-ending to-do list can cause us to temporarily lose sight of our end goal, yet our work was indeed happening all the while. 

At ALTRANS we perform many different jobs for our clients, but our work is to positively impact peoples lives and the environment through alternative transportation solutions.

Looking back at 2017, even we are surprised to see the incredible impact ALTRANS' work had on the environment and quality of life in the Bay Area. 
The sheer volume of these statistics is something to showcase, but equally so are the net changes from the previous year:  

These numbers are evidence that at ALTRANS, we are achieving what we set out to do.  Moreover, their increases affirm and energize us in our jobs to press on in the work we are committed to.


ALTRANS Services Bring Stakeholders Together

By Stephen Blaylock, President
sjsu transportation
The history of ALTRANS’ collaborative nature stretches all the way back to our inception as a provider of Transportation Demand Management services in 1991. Our role as a conduit between organizations, communities and local governments, similar to a grassroots Transportation Management Association (TMA), gives us the unique ability to create lasting solutions.


"Secret Shopper" Service Evaluates Shuttle Programs

by Daniel Oliver, Account Manager
shuttle service bay area
ALTRANS' shuttle monitoring service ensures passenger safety, customer satisfaction and long-term program success, in South San Francisco and beyond.

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Nonprofit revs up efforts to reduce traffic

Palo Alto Weekly - March 14, 2018
by Gennady Sheyner
The new nonprofit charged with easing Palo Alto's traffic congestion has a new leader, and fresh plans to expand its programs both in downtown and beyond.

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Join us in congratulating ALTRANS team member Christine Maley-Grubl
in her new role as Executive Director of the Palo Alto TMA.

ALTRANS was awarded this contract in 2018. We look forward to using our TDM expertise to help achieve the organization's goal of reducing single occupancy
vehicle traffic in Downtown Palo Alto by 30% in the coming years.


Bay Area Transportation History

By Rachel Cohen, Marketing Coordinator
bay area commute ferry
Before its iconic bridges were built, ferries were the transportation mode of choice to crisscross the San Francisco Bay. With ever-increasing traffic headaches, will Bay Area commuter ferry service make a comeback?
Some say it already has.

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Kostoula Vallianos | East Bay TDM Manager
Kostoula oversees commuter services programs for multiple Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers in the East Bay. She brings over fifteen years’ experience in program management and environmental planning, including CEQA/NEPA technical writing, regional government project management, and TDM program management. As a Bay Area native, she is happy to return to the East Bay from Atlanta, GA.

Leona Gee | TDM Program Manager
Leona brings over 10 years of TDM experience in the development and delivery of trip reduction programs and alternative transportation projects in the Bay Area. Prior to joining ALTRANS, Leona was the Project Coordinator at 511 Contra Costa for Central and East Contra Costa County in Pleasant Hill, CA. Leona manages the TDM Program at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland.

Rachel Cohen | Marketing Coordinator
Rachel is a digital marketing specialist experienced in content marketing, search engine optimization, and web design, most recently working with Habitat for Humanity in Santa Barbara, CA. She is currently developing ALTRANS' brand strategy and online presence. Beginning this fall Rachel will pursue an MBA at the University of Oregon's Center for Sustainable Business Practices.

Frank Bosch | Controller
Frank has an MBA in Technology Management and a BS in Accounting and Management and has lived in the Bay Area since 1986. During that time, he has been involved with many diverse organizations in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, working with business owners and CEOs in helping to drive their organizations to achieve greater success.

Susie Lonero | Bookkeeper
Susie is QuickBooks Certified and has a bookkeeping certificate from the National Bookkeepers Association. She previously worked for 8 years as a Bookkeeper/Office Administrator at The Family Giving Tree in the Bay Area. Susie was born and raised in San Jose and has seen the city's growth first hand, and really believes in ALTRANS' mission to reduce traffic and improve quality of life in the Bay Area.
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