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ALTRANS is a SF Bay Area TDM company, passionate about making the Bay Area a better place to live and work in by identifying alt. transportation needs, and developing and managing programs to meet those needs. ALTRANS staff has been actively engaged in alternative transportation planning and trip reduction services for over 25 years. 
Spring Newsletter
Articles and Information from ALTRANS
Greetings Everyone,
A goal of ours here at ALTRANS has been to write and distribute a semi-annual newsletter and send it to transportation peers, associates, and current/potential clients. Within are a few brief articles and updates to highlight what ALTRANS and others are doing to reduce vehicle trips in the SF Bay Area. We hope you enjoy the following content: 
  • Report on the Mountain View Community Shuttle Program
  • The Valley Transportation Authority’s (VTA) Citizen’s Advisory Committee
  • The “Overpass to Nowhere” in San Jose,
  • Welcome to the Team - Christine Maley-­Grubl
If you have any suggestions about future content, please let us know.
Stephen Blaylock | President | ALTRANS

The Two-Year Pilot of the

Mountain View Community Shuttle: Success!

By Annie Blaylock
The Mountain View Community Shuttle (MVCS) is successfully driving into its third year of operation and there’s a lot to celebrate! The MVCS, a free shuttle service for the residents and visitors of Mountain View, is the product of a successful partnership between the City of Mountain View and Google. And the company behind the scenes? ALTRANS.

VTA – Citizen’s Advisory Committee

by Noel Tebo, CAC Member
No doubt, one of the major concerns in the San Francisco Bay Area is traffic congestion. This ‘Quality of Life’ issue remains very important to employees, employers, commuters and residents as our population continues to grow and the high-tech economy paces it. As the saying goes: “If there was an easy fix, it would have been done already.” But, what are some ongoing efforts to make getting to work and home better?

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Remember When...
The Overpass to Nowhere
Former San Jose city councilman Joe Colla as he appeared in 1976, when he paid to have a car lifted by helicopter atop the not-yet-completed flyover interchange between U.S. 101 and Interstates 280 and 680. Construction of the interchange had been halted by then-Governor Jerry Brown in 1975. Colla's stunt prompted the Legislature to approve funding to complete the interchange.

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Welcome New Staff
We’d like to welcome Christine Maley-Grubl to ALTRANS. Christine started with ALTRANS on March 1st and brings considerable marketing, transportation planning, shuttle bus management and executive administration experience to our team. 

Prior to joining ALTRANS, Christine was a project manager at Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) where she implemented the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program and worked on the Life Line Transportation Program. She has held three different Executive Director posts including the Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance (Commute.org), Business Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) in the East Bay and at the SF Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District.   

We are looking forward to working with Christine and our client Kaiser Permanente - San Leandro, in implementing their Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program. 
Please welcome Christine by reaching out to her at christine.m.maley-grubl@kp.org or cmgrubl@altrans.net 
Our contact information:
info@altrans.net      855.232.2020

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