Lucy Gigli

Position: TDM and Bicycle Coordinator

Lucy Gigli is a TDM and Bicycle Coordinator at ALTRANS. She manages the TDM program for the SoHay multi-use project in Hayward.

Lucy founded Bike Walk Alameda in 1999, after years of biking to work in San Francisco from various bay area cities. She founded the non profit to promote biking as a form of transportation and to transform the streets of Alameda into a more biking and walking-friendly community. As a result, Alameda was the first city in the East Bay to create protected bike lanes and offer valet bike parking.

Lucy has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from UC Berkeley. She spent 13 years in the software industry as a software engineer and a project manager. She managed multi-million dollar projects of computer aided dispatching systems for police and fire departments throughout the U.S. and Canada.